Crawford Priory

Monday, 14 October 2019 Fife, UK

This weekend we visited Crawford Priory, an abandoned country house outside of Cupar.  It felt so good to be out in the woodland; the air was fresh and full of autumn.

Crawford Priory Driveway

We walked down the driveway towards the house admiring the trees and counting mushrooms along the way.

Crawford Priory

The house rises out of the trees in a most impressive way.  As we were walking towards the fence surrounding the property a murder of crows burst from the turrets cawing loudly and disappeared into the trees.

Crawford Priory Sundial

This impressive (and rather eerie) house was originally built in 1758 by the 21st Earl of Crawford.  A sister of the 22nd Earl enlarged and extended the house into the building that we see today.  It was passed on to others until 1968 when the house was closed and eventually fell into disrepair.

Crawford Priory Stone Details

Crawford Priory Window

Crawford Priory Details

Crawford Priory

Crawford Priory Tile Floor

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