Finding Magic in the Everyday

Saturday, 26 October 2019 Fife, UK


For a long time I dreamt of having a simple and more meaningful life.  I wanted to escape the regular 9 - 5 and slow down so that I might appreciate the people and things that I loved.  And that's what this blog is about - slowing down, focusing on what's important and finding the magic in our everyday lives.

So, what is magic?  It's my belief that magic is the art of effecting change in accordance with your will.  It's making things happen; the manipulation of energy.

That sounds like quite a grand statement but, in my experience, this has meant finding a deeper connection to nature, living with the changes in seasons and a more simple and focused life.

Magic is in everything, down the simplest things like going for a walk, making some elderberry syrup or painting a picture.

When you take a walk, somewhere meaningful, somewhere that you love, it creates an emotion inside of you.  That sense of calm and well being that you feel is magic.  The food that we create in our kitchens are imbued with the magic of our will which transfers to our loved ones as they sit down and eat.  The act of any creation is magic in and of itself because you're putting your energy into that.

I'd like to invite you to join me on this journey deeper into our magical world.  I'd love for you to share your idea of everyday magic in the comments below.  What is magic to you?

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